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Life Insurance in Australia is changing!

Life Insurance in Australia is changing!

The life insurance game in Australia is quietly changing. More and more people who have availed of a life insurance are paying more attention to their health. A growing number of individuals are eating healthier, going for a run or lifting weights at the gym. This has caught the attention of insurers, so they have decided to acknowledge and reward these people who put in the effort to stay healthy and active.

Aside from being rewarded with a reduced insurance premium for going to the gym and opting for a salad instead of a greasy burger for lunch, insurers are also giving out discounts for gym memberships, flights, spa treatments and other in-home gym equipment. These promotions and discounts encourage members to maintain their healthy lifestyle. In return, the insurer can be rewarded in the future with lower lapse rates, and they’ll be able to keep a healthier group of clienteles.

With all the computer games and fast food at an arm’s length, it’s easy to forget about the joys of working out and cooking a healthy meal. Now that there is a greater risk for diseases due to a sedentary lifestyle, a change in diet and lifestyle has become urgent more than ever.

Choosing to incorporate a healthier lifestyle today will help you ward off numerous diseases such as type two diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and some cancers. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise is proven to help you live longer.

The Axiom Risk team is well qualified, having worked in banking/financial planning industry for more than 25 years collectively.

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