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Personal Risk Planning

Term Life Insurance

Chances are you’ve already insured your major assets like your house, contents and car. But did you ever consider that your family’s biggest asset is you? What would happen to your family and their lifestyle if you were to die?


Fortunately, you can ease the financial burden on your family after you’ve passed on by taking out Life Insurance. Life Insurance provides your loved ones with a lump sum benefit upon death or terminal illness of the life insured. They can then use this benefit for:


  • Repayment of a mortgage and other loan repayments
  • Credit card bills
  • Ongoing future living expenses
  • Education of your children


Australian research indicates 60% of families with dependents will run out of money within a year if the major breadwinner dies*.


*IFSA Research — A Nation Exposed. Conducted for IFSA by Rice Walker Actuaries and TNS Australia, 2005.